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Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox is seeking to take over the remaining 61 per cent of Sky which he does not already own. The bid is currently being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority, and has triggered wide-ranging opposition from civil society groups, politicians and academics. Particular concern has focused on Murdoch’s track record, the record of Fox News, and the implications for Sky News in the UK.  

At this critical time, a Fox employee and his lawyer will discuss how Fox News treats its staff, and a former Fox insider will discuss the network’s techniques for manipulating its news coverage to support Trump and his policies. A leading campaigner will set out the successes of the campaign in the UK so far and the dangers of “foxifying” British news and implications for our democracy.

Chair: Professor Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications, University of Westminster


  • Kelly Wright, the only black male anchor at Fox News who is suing Fox for fostering a culture of “severe racial harassment”
  • Joe Lindsley, former protégé of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who has just authored a new book, ‘Fake News, True Story”
  • Douglas Wigdor, the lawyer representing dozens of victims of alleged racial and sexual harassment at Fox
  • Alaphia Zoyab, former TV anchor, senior campaigner working on Avaaz’s campaign to stop the Murdoch takeover of Sky
  • Jessica Golloher - former Fox radio host covering the Middle East and North Africa, suing the network for gender discrimination

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