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What challenges for vocational education and training for  low energy construction (VET4LEC)?

Wednesday 3 July 2013, 4pm to 6.30/7.00pm
For further information and to book a place, please contact:
Linda Clarke: [email protected] or 020350 66528

It is nearly three years since ProBE  organised a seminar on the theme of vocational education and training for low  energy construction (VET4LEC) and in the meantime the issues involved have  become that much more urgent. Whist the gap between the energy design and  performance of building envelopes is well documented, questions related to the  knowledge, competence and skills of the workforce – to which it is largely  attributable – are hardly addressed in a fundamental way. UK construction is a  multi-layered industry with different types of work and different levels of  VET, often for nominally the same vocational areas, and where a number of  envelope construction roles have no formal VET requirements. The seminar will  explore the relationship between VET and the achievement of low carbon targets,  in particular the possibility of a more comprehensive system to improve energy  performance. It has been organized to identify the professional and operative  VET and skill requirements and barriers to establishing mass build, low energy  construction with the help and active participation of various industry  stakeholders concerned with design communication, contractual relations, site  management and operative skills. The underlying objective is to consider how to  make a paradigm shift in the conception of "green buildings" - from  niche market to industry standard.

The speakers are:

Fran Bradshaw, senior partner in Anne Thorne Architects and expert on  PassivHaus design and construction

Colin Gleeson and Linda Clarke, University of  Westminster discussing the distance between technical specification and on-site  implementation  

Mike Hammond, SummitSkills, on the radical  changes required to the existing British VET system  

Tim Fenn, on the practical application of low-energy  specification and training provision in small building firms

Coffee/tea will be available from 3.45pm and the seminar will begin at 4pm and run until 6.30pm, followed by drinks and snacks and a chance to chat.

About ProBE
ProBE is a joint research centre between the Westminster Business School (WBS) and the School of Architecture and the  Built Environment (ABE), one committed to the development of a rich programme of research and related activities, including projects, oral history, film, exhibitions, and seminars. ProBE provides a research hub, a forum for debate  and discussion, and a focus for interdisciplinary and international activity related to the production of the built environment, as a social process, and its members have long experience of research on VET in the construction industry in Britain and abroad.