Practices of Care is an online event bringing together a panel of architects and doctors to discuss what it might mean to be a caring professional and what the two disciplines can learn from each other.

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How does one educate a professional – an architect, a doctor? Competencies are one thing, but what about qualities such as ethics, or duty of care? Is a key skill of being an architect or a clinician the ability to listen to a variety of stakeholders and work collaboratively?

Our panel discussion will reference a unique collaboration between 640 students from the University of Westminster’s School of Architecture + Cities and the Medical School at Imperial College London exploring the relationship between design, mental health, and wellbeing. Practices of Care will invite a selection of architecture and medical students as well as patient advocates to describe both the workshop and what they took away.


  • Professor Sadie Morgan, Founding Director dRMM
  • Dr Fintan Larkin, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Director, Acute Mental Health Services

There will be an accompanying online exhibition showing work produced, which is accessible through the link.


  • Ro Spankie (Assistant Head of School, UoW)
  • Wing May Kong (Head of Ethics and Law, Undergraduate Medicine, Imperial College London)
  • Fiorenza Shepherd (Senior Clinical Lecturer, Imperial College London)
  • Diony Kypraiou (Senior Lecturer, UoW)

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