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Venue: large lecture theatre, Cavendish campus, University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW

Plug in your brain at our free student psychology lectures

Following the enormous success of our plug in your brain series of evening public lectures, the Psychology department at the University of Westminster is offering a day of stimulating, informative and fun lectures for A Level students, delivered by high profile academics. This is an opportunity for students to:

  • improve their knowledge and awareness of the breadth of psychology and why it is relevant to everyone
  • be inspired by successful academics and practitioners with a passion for public dissemination of psychology
  • find out about some of the exciting and ground-breaking research being carried out in the heart of London
  • hear from students what life is like at university
  • try out some psychology experiments and/or be a participant in some of our research projects
  • find out about opportunities and careers for psychology graduates.


Lost in Music: why is music so important to us? Neuroscientist Dr Catherine Loveday talks about what happens in the brain when we listen to music and explains the power it has to compel us to dance, move us to tears, or lure us into love.

Relationships: stress, well-being and the role of parents. What does it mean to be securely attached and does it matter? One of our PhD graduates, Dr Andrea Oskis, talks about relationships with friends and family in adolescence and how they may be linked with physical and mental wellbeing.

What makes us human? Humans are very closely related to the great apes and share many aspects of their anatomy and behaviour. So why do we appear to be so different? Dr Gillian Forrester talks about what makes humans more than just another great ape and how much of our behaviour is rooted in our biology.

From TV Journalist to Trauma Psychologist: Sian Williams talks about her work as a journalist and BBC Breakfast Time presenter, explains what made her decide to study psychology and why she believes it is so relevant to media coverage of traumatic events. 

Counselling Psychology: why do some people choose to talk about the most intimate details of their lives with a complete stranger when others wouldn't dream of doing so? Drawing on real clients' experiences, counselling psychologist Harriet Wichtowski discusses some of the reasons why people seek counselling and psychotherapy, and how it can help.


Attendance is free but pre-registration is essential. To book your place please complete the registration form.

If you are a teacher making a group booking please email Catherine Loveday.