Exhibition example depicting a man on a box above another man looking up Halfway between an installation and site-specific performance, Cabane brings together choreographer/dancer Paul-Andr Fortier and visual artist/writer/musician, Rober Racine, who appears here as a performer. Fortier and Racine are reminiscent of characters from a Beckett play as they skillfully draw the audience in to their eccentric world using movement, audio-visual effects and props as their playthings. The result is at once bizarre, intriguing and touching.

UK Premiere

"If the odd couple Felix and Oscar had a shabby shack in the woods
and spent their days discovering new and wonderful ways to annoy
and entertain each other, no doubt they would behave just like
Paul-Andr Fortier and Rober Racine." - The Gazette, Montreal

Tickets: 10 (5 conc. limited availability)
Box Office: 0844 412 4312
Or online at www.danceumbrella.co.uk/festival.htm

Location: The University of Westminster, (entrance via red gate opposite Madame Tussauds)