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The Global Mobilities Seminar Series provides a platform for cross-disciplinary and trans-national conversations about architecture as an expanded territory. In a world increasingly characterised by circulations and flows of ideas, images, objects, technologies, finance, and people, the seminars seek to promote debate about the mutual relations between contemporary cultures of mobility and the natural and built environments in which they take place.

Hosted by the Expanded Territories research group of FABE, the seminars will highlight research and design work being undertaken within the Faculty while also fostering dialogue with colleagues from other institutions. The aim is to forge new relations of encounter and exchange through exploring ideas, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks for research. Three seminars have been scheduled in 2014/15 around the themes of Water, Land, and Air.


Liquid Traces: Investigating the deaths of migrants at the EU’s maritime frontier
Lorenzo Pezzani, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmith’s College

Fluid Ontologies in the Search for MH370
Lindsay Bremner, Department of Architecture, University of Westminster

Wet Ontologies, Fluid Spaces, Legal Fi(x/ss)ions, Cold Facts
Philip Steinberg, Durham University

Chaired by Davide Deriu of the Department of Architecture, University of Westminster
Response by Ruth Mackenzie of the Westminster Law School

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