New Materialism is currently having a profound effect across disciplines. Rooted in post-marxist thinking, but spreading out on the flat ontology of networks, objects and bodies, New Materialism is an interdisciplinary discussion on the properties of matter in terms of agency, ethical responsibility and immanence.

Along with post-humanism, the Anthropocene, nonrepresentational theories and post-Deleuzian thought, New Materialism asks us to reconsider the nature of the human and the non-human, the difference between actual and virtual, the emergence of politics and law in the face of ubiquitous materiality and, above all, the new responsibilities that come with it all.

This event brings together experts from the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in order to initiate an interdisciplinary dialogue on our understanding of New Materialism’s relevance to current issues.

The panel discussion will be followed by a drinks reception.

Organiser and Chair: Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Director of the Law and Theory Lab


Watch a video from the event


Panel speakers

Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design

  • Mercedes Bunz, Senior Lecturer
    Things Are Not To Blame: Technical Agency in Times of High Capitalism
  • Christian Fuchs, Professor of Social Media
    New Cultural Materialism
  • Mirko Nikolic, Doctoral Candidate
    Unhuman Love: A Post-Capitalist Politics Of Desire

Westminster Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Elisabetta Brighi, Lecturer
    Invisible Matters and the Illusions of Security
  • David Chandler, Professor of International Relations
    From Humanising the World to “Worlding" the Human
  • Ben Pitcher, Senior Lecturer
    Isis Iconoclasm and Rocks and Stones in Material Culture