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The album – the recordings business’ main unit of currency -  ain’t doing too well.  Faced with a double whammy of illegal downloaders and those who have adopted a pick n’ mix attitude to purchasing, there’s been much talk of the inevitable demise of this bedrock of the recordings business. Still whilst the likes of Ash and Radiohead may have turned their back on the format, there are just as many who are trying to find ways to revitalise the album.

New digital formats such as iTunes LP and Bach’s MusicDNA are bundling the music with a whole host of additional content, record stores, both on- and offline, are striking deals with labels for exclusive bonus material, and vinyl continues to defy the doom mongers with a whole new market in deluxe, expensive editions booming and labels such as Warp offering free downloads or bundled CDs with vinyl purchases.

This think tank will look at just what the recordings industry can do to revive the album's flagging condition.  From the sensible to the extreme we'll hear from those who believe that technology, design, and marketing can provide a shot in the arm to the format that gave us 'Dark Side of the Moon', 'Nevermind', 'OK Computer' and 'Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em', and hear from those who have turned their back on the album altogether.

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  • Emma Pike, VP Communications & Artist Relations, Sony Music Entertainment Ltd. 
  • Mark Uttley, Head of Insight, Sony Music Entertainment Ltd.                                             


  • Dagfinn Bach, President, Bach Technology (MusicDNA)
  • Steve Bunyan, Director Of Marketing, Union Square Music
  • Paul Conroy, Music Consultant, Adventures in Music & Universal Records
  • Steven Hill, Head of Marketing and New Projects, Warp Records
  • Simon Singleton, Pure Groove



  • Keith Harris, Keith Harris Music Ltd / MusicTank Chairman / Director of Performer Affairs, PPL


  • Date & Time: Thur May 20 | 18.30 - 21.00hrs


  • £25 MusicTank Members | £30 Trade Body | £35 Full Price  *Price includes drink on arrival and post-event written transcript *


  • The Basement, PRS for Music, Copyright House, 29-33 Berners Street, London, W1T 3AB


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