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Cinematic Work in the Mirror

Dr Sarah Pucill, University of Westminster, 4.30–5.45pm

Sarah Pucill will discuss her recent Claude Cahun-based films Magic Mirror (2013) and Confessions to the Mirror (2016), both of which use moving images to re-animate Cahun’s written and photographic archive. She will discuss her film practice as a distinctive mode of practice based research.

Dr Sarah Pucill's films and photographs explore a sense of self which is transformative and fluid. At the core of her practice is a concern with mortality and the materiality of the filmmaking process. The majority of her films take place within the confinements of domestic space, where the grounded reality of the house itself becomes a portal to a complex and multi layered psychical realm. In her explorations of the animate and inanimate, her work probes a journey between mirror and surface, in which questions of representation are negotiated via the feminine, the queer or the dead.

Cosmopolitan spaces of international film festivals: Cannes film festival and the French Riviera

Dr Dorota Ostrowska, Birkbeck, 6–7.15pm

Historically, international film festivals have been hostage to at times conflicting and at times complementary national and international ambitions of their founders, film festival directors, curators and guests. Vanessa Schwartz (2007) saw Cannes International Film Festival as a cosmopolitan vehicle for the French cinema after the WW2 which determined much of the dynamics of the festival itself. In this article I would like to expand Schwartz’s argument and look at the prehistory of the Cannes Film Festival whose success as a cosmopolitan event has been organically connected to the cosmopolitan space in which it is located, the French Riviera.

Dr Dorota Ostrowska is Senior Lecturer in Film and Modern Media at Birkbeck College, London. She is programme director of the Film, Television and Screen Studies MA (European Pathway) and programme co-director of the Global Cinemas and Screen Arts BA (programme run jointly with SOAS). In her research she has been focusing on three general areas: European film and television studies (French and Eastern European), film festival studies, and history of film and media production.

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Moving Images, Multiple Screens

Moving Images, Multiple Screens seminar series combines University of Westminster and invited speakers, and focuses on practices and interpretations of work in film, television and moving image, form production to circulation, exhibition and curation. In particular it aims to present emergent tendencies in both practice and in theory moving image, and invite discussion and debate on different approaches to screen cultures. Each session will combine a University of Westminster and an external speaker, and cohere around a different area of moving image research.

*Image credit: Dr Sarah Pucill