This event is one in a programme of online events by Monsoon Assemblages, a European Research Council funded project, to coincide with the launch of the virtual exhibition, Monsoonal Multiplicities. 

Monsoonal Multiplicities Exhibition

The exhibition presents the project’s five-year research engagement with the monsoon in Bangladesh, India, London and Myanmar. 

Using methods and techniques drawn from anthropology, history, the spatial design disciplines, the natural sciences, critical cultural theory, ecofeminism and more, the project offers methods and approaches for investigating weather, climate and more-than-human becomings in urban monsoonal worlds. The exhibition offers visitors a virtual experience of this work, inviting them to follow the stories of entangled beings, energies, infrastructures, life-worlds, matters, technologies and knowledge practices and their encounters with colonial and neocolonial agendas.

About this event

Online workshop

An online event facilitated by the MONASS researchers and project partners in Chennai, Dhaka and Yangon to open questions raised by the Monsoon Assemblages project for debate.


Chairs: Lindsay Bremner and Beth Cullen

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