2-day international conference at Swansea University (in association with Gender & Society and Conflict & Memory research groups).

Conference speakers:

  • Fatma Oya Aktas: ‘Being a Conscientious Objector in Turkey: Challenging Hegemonic Masculinity in a Militaristic Nation-State
  • Julie Anderson: Stoics: ‘Creating Identities at St Dunstan’s 1914-20’
  • John Ayres: ‘The Pleasure Culture of War and 1950s British Film Posters’
  • Ana Carden-Coyne: ‘Reconstructing the Body: Overcoming Disability and Sexual Heroism for Ex-Servicemen and Civilians’
  • Rukmini Dahanukar: ‘Money Talks: Men at War’
  • Graham Dawson, University of Brighton: ‘Masculinity, State Violence, and the Political Psychology of Military Extirpation: Reflections on the Israeli Assault on Gaza, 27 December 2008 - 17 January 2009’
  • Claire Duncanson: ‘Do Forces for Good contain Real Men? Military Masculinities in the British on Operations Other than War’
  • Maria Fritsche: ‘Wimps or Heroes? Masculine Self-Perceptions of Deserters in the German Army in WW2’
  • Wendy Gagen: ‘Not Another Hero: The Eastern Telegraph Company’s Creation of the Soldier Hero and Company Man’
  • Steven Gardiner: ‘The Warrior Ethos: Reinventing Soldierly Masculinity after 9/11’
  • Richard Godfrey: ‘Virtual Heroes: Military Masculinity in Hollywood Film’
  • Peter Hughes Jachimiak: ‘“Aarrgghh!! It’s Art?”: Sequential Media, Cover Art and the Glorification of the Allied Soldiers of WW2’
  • Bex Lewis: ‘Men at Work: Visible and Invisible Men in Second World War Posters’
  • Frauke Matthes: ‘Witnessing the Bosnian War from Abroad: Aleksandar Hemon and Sasa Stanisic’
  • Arthur McIvor, Juliette Pattinson and Wendy Ugolini: ‘Masculinities Challenged? Men in the Reserved Occupations in Second World War Britain
  • Daisy Neijmann: ‘“A Fabulous Potency”: Masculinity in Icelandic Occupation Literature’
  • Emma Reilly: ‘Masculinity and Men’s Bodies in WW2: The Transition from Civilian to Soldier’
  • Martina Salvante: ‘Italian Disabled Veterans between Reality and Propaganda’
  • Claudia Siebrecht: ‘Portrayals of Battlefield Masculinity from the Wars of Liberation to the Second World War’
  • Sophie Smith: ‘Weapons of War: Sexual Violence in Pat Barker’s Double Vision
  • Mark Straw: ‘“All We Are Doing is Watching”: Male Protagonists and the Ethics of Spectatorship in Contemporary American War Films’
  • Jane Tynan: ‘“Why aren’t you in Khaki?” Army Uniform and the making of the First World War civilian Soldier’
  • Rachel Woodward and Neil Jenkings: ‘Representations of Military Masculinities in Contemporary British Military Memoirs’.

The conference included Christine McCauley’s Introduction to Exhibit ‘Bedtime Stories; Jini Rawlings’ Introduction to Exhibits: ‘As the Crow Flies’ and ‘Mahabaleshwar’; and the launch of Ana Carden Coyne’s book Reconstructing the Body: Classicism, Modernism, and the First World War (Oxford University Press, 2009). Introduced by Graham Dawson.