Adela Papac - Director of Communications, Association of MBAs (AMBA)

The power of digital networks: how to transform stakeholder engagement using digital channels

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Engaging stakeholders in a global business is challenging. How do you facilitate engagement with your key audiences across states and territories?

Traditional methods of engaging stakeholders are expensive and not always efficient. When you use them, you have to think about the cost of engagement with the benefits they may or may not bring. How can you successfully integrate digital channels into a stakeholder engagement strategy, with focus on the benefits of these channels, such as delivering innovation, productivity and new ways of communicating with your stakeholders?

Thanks to digital networks, you can share information, engage in conversations and invite responses from any stakeholder with a PC or mobile device. This allows you to break down geographical and traditional institutional barriers, shift the mind sets, get faster responses and give your stakeholders the tools to share, learn and connect.

About Adela Papac

As AMBA’s Director of Communications, Adela plays a key role in managing the organisation’s reputation and shaping and articulating AMBA’s vision and its services to its key stakeholders (ie business schools, MBA student and alumni members, the media and others).

Originally from Croatia, Adela has been working in Communications and Public Relations roles for international organisations across the telecom, retail, real estate and education management sectors.

She has developed and implemented communications strategies for engaging with different stakeholder groups and provided communications counsel to executives and managers. Passionate about implementing change initiatives, Adela has been utilising strategic communications, PR and brand in order to drive advocacy, create awareness and support delivery of key corporate objectives.

She has been dedicated to adding value to businesses and building mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.

Adela has an MBA from Westminster Business School, London, UK, and a BA and an MA in English Language and Literature from University of Zagreb, Croatia.