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To celebrate LGBT History Month, the University of Westminster's LGBT Staff Network is screeening 52 Tuesdays in the Regent Street Cinema on Monday 1 February. This event will celebrate the contribution of LGBTQ staff and students within the University community. This free screening is open to University of Westminster staff and students, with a number of free tickets for the general public.

52 Tuesdays

This award winning Australian film (Sundance Film Festival; Melbourne Queer Film Festival; Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival; Rio International Film Festival; Berlinale) explores questions of gender and sexual identity in complex family situations.

52 Tuesdays is currenly on UK release and has won critical international acclaim. Sixteen-year-old Billie’s reluctant path to independence is accelerated when her mother reveals plans for gender transition and their time together becomes limited to Tuesday afternoons. Filmed over the course of a year, once a week, every week – only on Tuesdays – these unique filmmaking rules bring a rare authenticity to this emotionally charged story of desire, responsibility and transformation.

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LGBT Staff Network at the University of Westminster

We're an inclusive forum for staff within the University with representatives from academic departments and Corporate Services. On the LGBT Staff Network Committee are Anthony Farr (Corporate Services – Vice Chair and Treasurer), Matthew Linfoot (Harrow Rep), Tom Moore (Chair), Ali Press (Marylebone Rep) and Francis Ray White (Regent Street Rep).

We seek to ensure that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) staff and students experience a safe university environment that celebrates diversity and actively encourages inclusion. More broadly, we seek to reach out to London's diverse LGBTQ communities through community engagement events.

The LGBT Staff Network provides a forum for staff to discuss issues of importance to LGBTQ lived experiences. For 2015/16, we will be highlighting the importance of transgender equality, as this is an area where there is much work to be done in terms of building genuine equality and a culture of support. We are also keen to identify role models, as we are aware that many people might not be aware that discrimination isn’t just about homophobia – but also biphobia and transphobia.

About Regent Street Cinema

Built in 1848 and housed within the Polytechnic Institution on London’s Regent Street, the cinema was the first in the country to show moving pictures. In 1896, the cinema showcased the Lumière brothers’ Cinématographe to a paying audience, and, as the curtain fell, British cinema was born.

After being used as a student lecture hall by the university since 1980, it was restored into a working cinema featuring a state-of-the-art auditorium as well as an inclusive space for learning, cultural exchange and exhibitions. It is a truly landmark venue for the British film industry in the heart of London’s West End.

The University of Westminster has always been at the centre of innovation in film production and cinematography. Many of the university’s alumni occupy prominent roles within the industry. The Regent Street Cinema will provide a platform for film students and professionals to come together and showcase their outstanding work.