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Artists and Performers for Kinetica Art Fair 2011

…Stelarc 3D Avatar Head…New Opera Hero… Animal Machine Hybrids…
…NASA Star Dust …Mechanical Skeletons…

- 200 exhibits, 25 performances, events and talks.

Kinetica Art Fair is the UK's only art fair dedicated to kinetic art. It brings together galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups from around the world who focus on universal concepts and evolutionary processes though the convergence of kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology. The fair provides an international platform for museums, collectors, curators and the public to view and buy artworks in this thriving and advancing field. Alongside the fair there will be special events, screenings, tours, talks, workshops and performances.

The theme of this year’s show is the evolution of body, brain, mind and consciousness. The Fair’s feature exhibition: The Evolution of Consciousness brings together 17 artists from six countries who challenge and explore our quest to further human potential. Now in its third year, the Fair has almost doubled in size. Almost 200 artists and 30 galleries, arts and science organisations involved. For the first time, world-renowned performance artist Stelarc will appear at the Fair. The artist attracted global attention for his Ear on Arm project, which involved the grafting of an extra ear on his forearm, which in time will be connected to the Internet. At the Fair, for the first time ever, he will perform both on stage and live in Second Life as he journeys through the body – the Musion Holographic System will bring Second Life avatars into the auditorium with the human audience.

Public opening times

4 Feb. 10am – 8pm
5 Feb. 10am – 8pm
6 Feb. 10am – 6pm


Full Ticket 
One day Art Fair entrance plus all events and performances - 
£15 / £12 pounds concessions
One Day 
Art Fair entrance only 
- £12 / £10 pounds concessions

Free entry to the Art Fair Exhibition for all University Students and Staff


Kinetica Art Fair is Presented in Partnership with Ambika P3, University of Westminster
AMBIKA P3, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS