MusicTank presents a vision of technology's engagement with music; shedding light on what new technology fused with music is bringing to the industry.

With technology companies never far from music industry headlines, MusicTank's forthcoming think tank will shed light on what new technology fused with music is bringing to the industry.

Presenting a range of companies working on next-generation technological and musical innovation, this event will consider the optimistic future of music from its creation, performance, distribution and consumption through to fan interaction and crowd experiences. Based on these new, forward-thinking, mind-blowing examples, a panel discussion will explore what the future marriage of tech and music will look like - and what kind of children they might be expected to produce.

Author, entrepreneur and digital consultant Jeremy Silver will offer some introductory thoughts and introduce truly innovative companies who'll each make a presentation, after which a panel of invited guests will explore the implications of what they have seen…

Which are the most positive trends and where are the biggest challenges? What forms of creativity will technology unleash for artists and bands and fans? And what are the implications for markets and businesses?





And others, TBC.


MusicTank members: £20.00 | Standard: £30.00 | Students: £15.00

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