Organisers: Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) and Third World Movement (a Student Society)

All welcome.

Does our colour matter? How do our racial, ethnic, religious, class, caste, sexual, gender and other identities affect our life chances? Is Intersectionality a dilution of anti-racist struggles or an inevitable part of keeping anti-racist politics true to its spirit of equality and justice?

DPIR and Third World Movement invites you to an event on racialized justice and justice oriented anti-racist struggles. Two prominent anti-racist and pro-justice activists Isis Amlak and Joanna Berridge (part of Revision) will be in conversation with Dibyesh Anand.

Revision is a collaborative project that attempts to challenge the ‘single story’ that dominates western culture (white/privileged/able-bodied/male/etc). Revision was formed by event organisers and activists, Isis Amlak and Joanna Berridge in 2011, but has grown to include several additional women of various ages and races, and is ever expanding. Their events create a platform for film, performing arts, live music and visual arts that challenge global systems that exploit and silence communities.