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Half-day symposium concerning the ‘optical unconscious’ of movement captured by machines; from the earliest experiments of chronophotography to the latest motion capture technology, as well as by the automatisms of gesture.

The artists discussed are interested in making visible motion that would otherwise be invisible – such as sound waves, trajectories of movement over time, or a ‘bodily unconscious.’ They track movement in the form of photographic or graphic traces. Some artists work with devices originally designed for medical observations, such as the cardiogram or electroencephalogram. In all cases, the trace is one involuntarily laid down -- a shadow cast by something below the level of consciousness.


Margaret Iversen, University of Essex
‘Index, Diagram, Graphic Trace’

David Lomas, University of Manchester
‘Medium & Message: Surrealist Automatism and Some Contemporary Instances’

Anna Lovatt, University of Nottingham
‘Trisha Donnelly: The Body Electric’

Susan Morris, Artist
‘Drawing in the Dark’

Stephanie Straine, University College London
‘Falling… Ground/Drawings by Bill Bollinger and Alex Hay’

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Open to all, but bookings must be made in advance via the gallery. To reserve your place, please email Aviva Leeman, [email protected]