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In this seminar Niranjana Ramesh, a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, University College London, will be exploring how the state can go about shaping ‘urban assemblages’, drawing on her study of water infrastructures in Chennai, India, and London, UK.

Urban assemblages are often used in describing phenomena of emergence, socio-materiality, dispersed agency and unintended consequences. In the study of water assemblages, this has meant attending to the materiality of water and other ecological actors, and to social movements or community initiatives that challenge, resist or work with structural forces like capital or the state.

This seminar is the third in the series that forms part of ‘Monsoon Assemblages’, a five-year long research project funded by the European Research Council. Its ambition is to confront challenges of urban climate change through novel, theoretically driven spatial enquiries into the impacts of urbanisation on monsoon climates in three of South Asia’s rapidly growing cities: Chennai, Delhi and Dhaka, with wider application for other cities.

This event is open to all and no booking is required.

Visit the MONASS website for more information.

Image credit: Niranjana Ramesh.