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The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) of the University of Westminster is pleased to announce the staging of Indeterminacy, a John Cage performance by Stewart Lee, Tania Chen and Steve Beresford as part of Exhibiting Performance, a three-day conference considering contemporary issues central to the display of performance art.

‘Indeterminacy’ was a 1959 double LP on the Folkways label by John Cage and David Tudor. Cage read ninety of his stories, each one, whether long or short, lasting one minute. Unheard by Cage, Tudor simultaneously played the piano and other things in another room. 

One day, pianists Tania Chen and Steve Beresford were listening to this record and decided that they would like to do their own version. They hit on Stewart Lee immediately as the first choice to read the stories. He is an excellent stand-up comedian and is very interested in experimental music. The trio’s version is usually forty minutes. The players are in the same room but do their best to not hear Stewart’s reading. They play music on and in a piano and use other small sound sources.

Performance duration: 40 mins

Steve Beresford is internationally known as a free improviser on piano and electronics, He has also composed scores for feature films and music for various TV shows and commercials. He was awarded a Hamlyn award for artists in 2012. Visit his website for more information.

Tania Chen is a concert pianist who plays 20th and 21st century repertoire such as John Cage, Arnold Schoenberg, Cornelius Cardew, Alexander Scriabin, Morton Feldman, Michael Parsons, and Chris Newman. She is a free improviser and curates a series of improvised music in London - 'Miss Havisham Presents…' at The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston. For recordings see and

Stewart Lee is a stand-up comedian and writer. He is the favourite funny-man of Rush vocalist Geddy Lee. He is 44 years old. Visit his site.

About CREAM:
The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) at the University of Westminster has a portfolio of research across the disciplines of ceramics, visual arts, photography, film, experimental media, music and fashion. CREAM runs a lively programme of seminars and visiting speakers, and has organised ground-breaking conferences and symposia in collaboration with other institutions.