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This is a forum for discussion about the ways in which Labour can inject new ideas into the public conversation about immigration, organised with Don Flynn, former director of Migrants' Rights Network.

Political discussion in and around the Labour Party is playing an important role in setting new policy agendas across a wide range of issues – from ending austerity through to the importance of the surging millennial generation in addressing long-standing problems. Immigration is high up among the issues which are registering on the concerns of the new radical, populist moods. Can this be translated into clear policies which stand a chance of winning the support of the Party’s working class support base?

Themed panels will lead discussions around the scope which exists for radical thinking on immigration policy, the dilemmas that these pose for the Labour Party and the key issues that will form the basis for progressive policies.

Contributors will include:

  • Robin Cohen – Emeritus Professor, former director of International Migration Institute, University of Oxford
  • Gracie Mae Bradley – Policy Officer, Liberty
  • Richard Seymour – Journalist and blogger, author of Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics
  • Marina Prentoulis – Spokesperson for Another Europe is Possible, former spokesperson for Syriza UK
  • Benjamin Morgan – North East London Migrant Action
  • Owen Espley – War on Want
  • Eiri Ohtani – Detention Forum
  • Hugh Lanning – Former Deputy General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
  • Laura Stringhetti – One Day Without Us


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Please contact Hannah Cross on [email protected] with any enquiries.