Joint event of the PSA specialist groups for German Politics, Comparative European Politics, Greek Politics and Italian Politics; and the Security and International Relations Research Programme, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster.

The parameters of Europe’s immigration concerns have shifted considerably in the last few years. The Eurozone crisis and threat of deepening recession are likely to impact on Europe’s competitiveness in the global market in well-qualified, professional transnational migrants. At the other end of the migration spectrum, the balance of payments crisis in the EU’s more vulnerable economies may promote mass internal migration to the EU’s northern and western member states as marginalised workers search for greater economic security.

The ongoing upheavals in the wake of the Arab Spring promise to add to the migration pressures affecting EU member states. To date, migration inflows to Europe from countries of North Africa and the Middle East have been more modest than originally anticipated and have largely been confined to Italy and Malta. However, this crisis has exposed tensions between member states over the handling of mass migration movements and over immigration policy more generally.

These dramatic developments represent a fundamental challenge to prevailing assumptions about the causes, patterns and impacts of migration movements into and within Europe. This challenge goes beyond the politics of migration to address wider issues of interest to political scientists, including the ethics and practice of citizenship, cosmopolitanism, and human and social rights. This one-day conference considers the implications of these new challenges both for immigrants entering and resident in the EU’s member states and for political and social relations within those states.


Patricia Hogwood, University of Westminster: [email protected]

Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, London School of Economics: [email protected]


10am Registration and tea/coffee

10.20am Welcome and opening remarks (Patricia Hogwood, German Politics Specialist Group convenor)

Session 1: EU Immigration Policy: Trends and Developments

10.30am Panel 1: Fortress Europe? The impact of the Arab Spring on the Europeanisation of immigration policies (Rapporteur: Umut Korkut)

Andrew Burridge, Durham University

‘Frontex in Greece: Immigration Control at the External Boundaries of the EU’

Alexandra Bousiou and Antonios Kontis, National Kapodestrian University of Athens

‘Can the rise of mixed flows after the break of Arab Spring explain a euro-Skepticism of the Schengen area?’

Hannah Cross, University of Leeds

‘Ideological, political and economic power in Africa-EU migration’

Patricia Hogwood, University of Westminster

'Internal security and the institutionalisation of European immigration control’

11.45am Discussion of panel findings led by Umut Korkut

12.15pm Lunch

Session 2: Popular and partisan responses to mass immigration

1.15pm Panel 2: Responses in established host states (Rapporteur: Patricia Hogwood)

Helen Drake, Loughborough University

‘Immigration, discourse, and the French 2012 elections:  a Battle for the Nation?’

Rebecca Partos, University of Sussex

'Rhetoric and Reality: UK Immigration Policy-making in Real-time'

Gregg Bucken-Knapp, University of Stirling; Jonas Hinnfors and Andrea Spehar, University of Gothenburg

‘Swedish Exceptionalism? Understanding the Integration Policy Preferences of Mainstream Swedish Political Parties’

Mikko Kuisma, Oxford Brookes University

‘Good and bad immigrants’: The economic nationalism of the True Finns’ immigration discourse’

Panel 3: Responses in ‘new’ host states (Rapporteur: Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt)

Jan Rovny, University of Gothenburg

‘The Other "Other": Party Responses to Immigration in Eastern Europe’

Iside Gjergji, University of Coimbra

‘The Italian government's response to the new migratory pressures from North Africa’

Lena Karamanidou, City University London

‘Shared frames in the political discourse of migration in Greece’

2.30pm Discussion of panel findings led by Patricia Hogwood and Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt

3pm Keynote address. Speaker tbc

3.50pm Break for tea/coffee

Session 3: Integration, identity and discourse

4.15pm Panel 4 (Rapporteur Mikko Kuisma)

Umut Korkut, Glasgow Caledonian University

‘Discourse and Politics of Migration: Between the Eurozone Crisis and the Arab Spring’

Georgios Karyotis, University of Strathclyde and Dimitris Skleparis, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Migration and Activism in Greece during the Economic Crisis’

Claire Sutherland, University of Durham

‘Leaving and Longing: German Migration Museums as Nation-Building Sites’

Brandon Tensley, Fulbright Scholar

'Living in a Parallel Society: The System of Education in Germany and its Economic Effect on Turkish Minorities'

5.30pm Discussion of panel findings led by Mikko Kuisma

6pm Final thoughts: an opportunity to discuss mutual interests and research synergies arising from today’s papers.

6.30pm Drinks reception – all welcome!

7.30pm Dinner – ticket-holders only please.