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The Human Library is back!

To celebrate this year’s Black History Month, we’re having a Human Library event at Little Titchfield Library on Wednesday 17 October from 2pm – 3pm. The theme is experiences of prejudice, bias, stigma, discrimination or stereotype. We’ve probably all experienced these at some point in our lives, right?

The Human Library is a unique space for conversations about our life experiences. We all have lots in common, and this is a great way of learning more about that. You'll find yourself talking to people you wouldn't normally talk to, about things you wouldn't normally talk about.

Participants choose to be a ‘book’ or a ‘borrower’. As a ‘book’, you will create a book title that reflects an aspect of your life experience using the theme as a prompt. As a borrower, you get the opportunity to choose a ‘human book’ and discuss their book title in up to 30 minutes of great conversation. Afterwards, you will reflect on the experience of being a ‘book’ or a ‘borrower’ for a few minutes. That’s it!

Get involved as either a ‘human book’ or a ‘borrower’.

This event is supported by the Students’ Union and the University of Westminster Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Network.