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About the talk

Due to language barrier, social science studies in China have been always overlooked by its international peers. In fact, every year, a great deal of Chinese social science literature has been published on various channels in China, such as periodicals, dissertations, conference proceedings, newspapers and e-books, and they have been timely released to the world through CNKI platform. These articles have wholly covered every aspect of social science studies in China and reflected the directions and processes of its development. Besides highlights on publishing Chinese academic literature, CNKI undertakes a national project of “Journal Translations Project”, which is in alliance with hundreds of publishing house in China to publish the translated top journals in China according to the rank of their international impact. This project will enable more English readers to study on China topics directly. Meanwhile, CNKI makes it possible to provide the world an important gateway to academic studies in China. 

About the speaker

Mr. XIAO Hong Manager and Associate Editor-in-Chief, China Academic Journal (CD) Electronic Publishing House Co.Ltd., Director of Chinese Scientific Bibliometrics Research Center of CNKI, General Manager of International Publishing Center of CNKI. Mr. XIAO is an expert with Special Government Allowances of the State Council, and the winner of 1st China Governmental Prize for Publishing: Elitist (2007) and Leading Talent of National Press and Publication Industries. He is an information professional in academic publishing and scientific bibliometrics with over 30 years of experiences. After gained Senior Editor position in 2002 he has been the Director of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica for 11 years, and became the founder and Editorial Director of Asian Journal of Andrology as well as Family Medicines; during 2002-2006 he was the founding Director of Shanghai Information Center for Life Sciences, which is responsible for offering library and information service to Shanghai Institutes for Life Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences; During 2006-2012, he was the Deputy Editor-in-chief of Science Press, and the General Manager of Science China Press. He joined CNKI in 2012 and now is the vice president and associate editor-in-chief of Chinese Academic Journals (CD) Publishing Co.Ltd, and Director of Chinese Scientific Bibliometrics Research Center of CNKI. He has made a great contribution to Chinese scientific bibliometrics, being the editor-in-chief of Annual Report for International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals (2016), Research Report on Annual Report of the Impact Factor of Science and Technology / Humanities and Social Sciences (2016). 

This is also one of the Global China Media Seminar Series (GCMSS), co-organised with Global China Institute. For more information about China Media Centre events, please contact Alja Kranjec at [email protected].