What is the relation of time and history? And how does this relation come to bear on the question of Being, the question which guided Heidegger’s thought and transformed all ontology to follow?

Derrida’s lectures on Heidegger, at the ENS in 1964-5, appearing for the first time in French in 2013, and in English translation in 2016, offer a rare insight into the formation of Derrida's thought (exemplarily the tentative translation of Destruktion into deconstruction along with solicitation). They constitute at the same time a seminal work of Heideggerian scholarship, combining accessibility with the sustained rigour of close analysis.

Through these lectures the measure of success and failure of the project of Being and Time is assessed though the strenuous interrelation of historicity and temporality, redefining the horizon of the question of Being.

This course will take place over ten sessions between 25 April–27 June, Wednesdays 5-7pm.

For more information and to register, please contact Dr Georgios Tsagdis on [email protected]