A HARROW CONVERSATIONS special about the Channel 4 fixed rig documentary hit. 

THE MAKERS: Emma Tutty, Executive Producer.

Emma joined The Garden at its launch in 2010 as series producer on Perfume for BBC4. Prior to that, she spent six years at Dragonfly where she produced the BAFTA-award winning first series of One Born Every Minute for Channel 4, Goldsmiths - This is Modern Art and When Britain Went Bananas for BBC4, and co-produced the feature-length documentary Murder on The Lake (Grierson nominated) for BBC4. At The Garden, Emma has executive produced Inside Claridge's and Hotel India for BBC2, and 24 Hours in A&E (Series 3) and 24 Hours in Police Custody for Channel 4. 

THE REAL HEROES: Policemen and -women Sergeant Chris Hutton, Supervisor Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit, Detective Constable Cathy Layton, Investigation Officer Gary Hales.

THE SERIES: 24 Hours in Police Custody

Bedfordshire police allowed more than 80 cameras – both fixed and single cameras – to follow their work for this landmark Channel 4 documentary series. The series follows officers as they respond to 999 calls and arrest suspects and witness the relentless traffic from the custody cells to the interview rooms. The series captures in minute detail the police interrogations as each case is pieced together, against the clock, to find the evidence to charge or release.