Meirion Jones is a British journalist working for the BBC.

In 2013 he won the London Press Awards Scoop of the Year prize for his part in the investigation into Jimmy Savile. In 2010 he won the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Daniel Pearl Award for his investigation of the dumping of Trafigura's toxic waste in Africa. He has been described by Greg Palast, as "the nonpareil investigative journalist" and by Robin Denselow in UK Press Gazette as "one of the best investigative journalists around". Jones has investigated many subjects including the 'fixing' of the US Presidential Election in 2000, toxic waste dumping in Africa, how Britain helped Israel’s nuclear weapons programme, market-rigging by multinationals, bogus bomb detectors, Tsunami aid, terror and security, political scandals and financial scams. He also worked with journalist Liz Mackean in late 2011 on a Newsnight investigation into the activities of suspected paedophile Jimmy Savile. Its rejection by their superior, (former) Newsnight editor Peter Rippon ultimately led to a major scandal. 


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