University of Westminster flag

The countdown is on to the official Westminster University Freshers 2018 brought to you by the University of Westminster Students Union. 

We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms to the next adventure in your lives! We’re kicking it off with our 2018 Freshers Fortnight. 2 weeks full of events, new friends and above all FUN!

Get the most out of your Freshers 2018 experience by purchasing our wristband. The wristband gets you into ALL of our events over the 2 weeks. At £50 it's a deal you can’t say no to.

The wristband includes;

Saturday 15th September; MOVE IN FESTIVAL
Monday 17th September; MEET YOUR SABBS  
Monday 17th September; DRAGONS MERCH LAUNCH  
Tuesday 18th September; GAMES NIGHT
Tuesday 18th September; SNEAK @ XOYO
Wednesday 19th September; UWSU SPORTS NIGHT @ THE UNDERCROFT
Wednesday 19th September; WOW! @ PICCADILLY INSTITUTE
Thursday 20th September; LIP SYNC BATTLE 
Thursday 20th September; KARAOKE KICKING BACK TO 2006
Friday 21st September; UNDERCROFT UNPLUGGED 
Monday 24th September; M*SSY JUNGLE
Monday 24th September; MOVIE NIGHT
Tuesday 25th September; BACK IN THE USA
Tuesday 25th September; CENTRAL LONDON BAR CRAWL
Wednesday 26th September; UWSU SPORTS NIGHT @ THE UNDERCROFT
Wednesday 26th September; WOW! @ PICCADILLY INSTITUTE
Thursday 27th September; KARAOKE LEADING LADIES
Thursday 27th September; MOCKTAILS AND MATES 
Friday 28th September; DAY TRIP TO THORPE PARK
Friday 28th September; FRESHERS FINALE 

That’s 20 events for £50!!

Many more events will be taking place over the 2 weeks including all 4 of our Arrivals Fairs and our Sports Trials!

Buy your Freshers Wristband from the UWSU.