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color:black">Inaugural Lecture – ‘Desperately seeking a new transformative
discourse. What sort of innovation policy is needed to meet the challenge of
climate change?’

color:black">6pm, italic">9th February 2010: Fyvie Hall, University
of Westminster, London.

Fred Steward, Professor of Innovation
and Sustainability, Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster,
will be giving his inaugural lecture at 6pm on Tuesday 9th February 2010.

Significant innovation is essential to achieving a successful transition to a
low carbon society. Yet there are widely differing concepts of innovation, with
a bewildering profusion of retrospective analogies of radical change. Some are
technological calls for green versions of the ‘Manhattan Project’ or ‘Apollo
Programme’. Others are social or moral appeals for a green ‘New Deal’. This
diversity represents the complexity of the climate change challenge but it also
reveals contrasting and often confused ideas of innovation itself.

Professor Fred Steward argues that for
innovation policy to make a real difference it needs a narrative which is more
reflective on past experience. The lecture draws on new thinking about
innovation in relation to delivery of transformative change and its relevance
for a wide diversity of policy actors in the political debates of 2010.

Please contact color:black">  bold">Hilary Salter, [email protected] to register or for
more information.