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Brunel University & University of Westminster present: 'Foreclosure' - The First Joint Researching the Arts/Social Sciences Conference for Research Students

Foreclosure - foris claudere - to exclude, to shut out

Keynote: Oren Ben-Dor, University of Southampton ‘placial [in]justice: reflections on the wounded origin of political affectation’

Please join us at the two-day interdisciplinary conference Foreclosure, that aims to bring together law, art and politics. We understand foreclosure as the art of ordering and securing a common ground for the unfolding of a common experience; the exchange of affects and perspectives; and the performance of bodies and spaces. Art, Law and Politics habitually build walls around their concepts and practices.

Foreclosure aims to encourage the exploration of practices and performances of law, art and politics through the prism of their shared operation; the investigation of the juncture between their disciplinary fences; and the unfolding of the fragility of their mechanisms. This is our aim: to dissect, dismantle and improve the operations of art, law and politics in order to locate cracks, produce apertures, and ride the lines of flight where new potentialities are generated. Admission is free but places are limited. The conference will take place at The Pavilion, University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London. Download the conference programme here.

RSVP at [email protected].

Student committee: Caterina Nirta, Danilo Mandic, Andrea Pavoni, Serena Volpi, Jessica Worden, Roswitha Gerlitz.