A seminar organised by the Expanded Territories Research Group and the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Food security is one of the most important issues facing the globalised world and the food industry has one of the highest impacts on climate change. It is the most cross-sectoral industry, closely linked to transport, logistics, energy, water and information technology and requires a rethinking of urban systems and architectures to accommodate future demand.

As food chains cross the planet and integrate the developed and developing world, this requires collaboration between cities in the chain and overlap between different professions, across different countries, and with financial support from different sources. The Netherlands, as one of the most important food exporters in the world, despite its small size, has the top research institutions in sustainable food systems and related urban planning. In the end, all this knowledge has to be tested in urban design and architecture, a relatively unexplored area.


Dr Ronald Wall is Head of the Urban Competitiveness and Resilience Department in the Institute for Housing and Urban Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

He is also Research Director and Visiting Professor at the STRELKA Architecture and Urban Planning Institute in Moscow.

He has worked in the past for the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and for OMA, MVRVD and WEST 8. Dr Wall holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts, Rotterdam, an MSc in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning and a PhD in Economics Geography from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

This event is free and you do not need to register your attendance beforehand.