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Introduced by Alex Sinclair

Special guest discussant, Craig Lapper, Senior Examiner at BBFC.

Louis Malle’s Film Pretty Baby is nearly 40 years old but is seldom seen. Its story of child prostitution in early 20th century New Orleans was controversial from the outset. This under-rated movie had the misfortune of being released just as the Protection of Children Act 1978 was going through parliament. The BBFC’s James Ferman, although a fan of the film, was naturally cautious and after some lengthy dialogue with the director the film was given an X certificate in July of 1979 with only six seconds cut from it. It will be interesting to view this through the lens of 2015, and with Craig Lapper on hand to discuss it should be an informative event.

Pretty Baby is being shown as part of the Film Matters season of film screenings.

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