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London Gallery West is delighted to present an exhibition by Estéfani Bouza that forms part of her practice-based PhD submission. Through her practice, Bouza explores different ways of gathering information through the camera, and of organising it – acknowledging both as key processes in the constitution of meaning.

Etcetera (2013) documents the artist’s leftover objects using strategies deployed when creating a photographic record for archival purposes. Somewhere between collection and archive, the project’s seemingly arbitrary parameters acknowledge the impossibility of the task – of recording one’s own remains while at the same time accumulating more.

Her second project, entitled ∞ (2017), begins with the physical hole left after the 1994 demolition of the artists’ birthplace – the village of Saá in northern Spain – as part of an opencast mine expansion. Where Etcetera focuses on things disposed of, here Bouza has sought out things deliberately retained. Working with the metaphor of the mine, Bouza combines amateur snapshots, archaeological records and corporate imagery alongside her own photographs to create a ‘visual atlas’ where different times, spaces and places cohabit.

More than a mere note-taking device, Bouza’s autobiographical projects reveal the camera as incorporated into a double organising system: both in its organisation of visual information as a record and subject to the organisational strategies and processes of the archive or collection.

Gallery talk and private view

Tuesday 9 January 2018, 5–8pm

Estéfani Bouza will be in conversation with Neil Matheson, Senior Lecturer in Theory and Criticism of Photography at the University of Westminster from 5–6pm. This is followed by a special evening viewing and reception, 6–8pm.

Image: Detail from Etcetera, Estéfani Bouza, 2013.