Photo credits: Petar Milošević

Using fieldwork drawn from her project Media of Remembering (2010-2013, Leverhulme Trust) Emily Keightley will trace the role of photography and personal photographs in three phases of the distillation of experience which characterise cultural processes of vernacular remembering: 1. the localising and integration of cultural resources into remembering practices. 2. the use of photography and photographs in the process of congealing of experience into recognisable, communicable units or patterns and putting these to work in the story of a life. And finally 3. the final distillation of lived experience, in which value and significance is invested in relatively stable ensembles of experience, which communicate the meaning of a life.

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Emily Keightley is Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at the Centre for Research in Communication  and Culture at Loughborough University. She is author and editor of several books that focus on media, memory and time in everyday life and she is Associate Editor of Media, Culture and Society. Her most recent book, 'Photography, Music and Memory: Pieces of the Past in Everyday Life', which she co-authored with Professor Mike Pickering, was published in autumn 2015.