The term "fake news" has become part of the modern lexicon and it highlights how susceptible we are to believing something is true without witnessing it for ourselves and without verification. A well-timed tweet or press release can be all it takes when our prejudices mean we don't question what we read because deep down we already believe it. Maybe this is all the proof needed that "perception is reality".

So if the perception is reality and we humans perceive the world through storytelling, then can a well-told story can be perceived as reality? This is the foundation of crisis simulations - interactive transmedia narratives designed to test how people will behave in a crisis.

At this event, you'll take part in a crisis simulation and have to make life or death decisions based on the information that's published on social media, WhatsApp, broadcast TV and direct communications with eye-witnesses on the ground. 

The workshop will be hosted by Robert Pratten, as part of the Transmedia Week and the 2018 focus on Transmedia Education.



7:00 introductions and formation of informal teams

7:30 crisis simulation

7:45 hotwash - an explanation of what just happened and how you behaved

8:00 behind the scenes - how the transmedia story was designed

8:15 the technology behind the simulation

8:25 networking 


About Robert Pratten

Robert Pratten is CEO, founder of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd, creators of TeamXp the scenario-based training platform.

Robert is a thought-leader in transmedia storytelling and author of the book Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling: A Practical Guide for Beginners.

His client list includes the UK MoD, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, VISA, World Bank, Kodansha, Al Jazeera, C-Net Training and Pepsico.

He can be found online at @robpratten

About “disLAB Presents…”

“disLAB presents” is a series of free encounters organised by the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA  at the University of Westminster.

If you are interested in digital journalism, interactive documentary, apps for social change, VR, educational video games or just digital communication, this series of encounters is for you. The aim is to invite students and media makers to join the conversation with practitioners so that together we can act as a creative community.

disLAB challenges the use of digital media to do exciting storytelling. It is about being creative and becoming the storytellers of the future. For this, it is important to be exposed to current practices, be inspired by great makers, help each other and dare to innovate. By inviting successful digital storytellers to share their current projects and expertise in an informal setting, we hope to bridge the gap between industry and universities. Let’s help each other!

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