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Digital Britain: a passive theatre or wired carnival?
23 March 2015 6.30pm
House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

This March, Cybersalon with CSD invite you take part in a special event.

It is 20 years since the Digital Pioneers opened public access to the rich, new medium of the Internet. Now, we are increasingly concerned by what is happening to our digital village.

The first generation of online pioneers created the Internet: they built the technology, including strong cryptography to protect privacy, security and anonymity. We, the second generation of digital pioneers, inherited their values and their technology, which we extended, strengthened, and built upon. Separately and together, we opened cybercafes to allow access to all, created the first Internet Service Providers, wrote the first search tools, created the first digital wallets, experimented with the first digital currencies, built peer-to-peer music platforms, created the UK’s domain name system, designed the BBC’s digital infrastructure, built the first safe and appealing e-commerce stores, and helped the NHS take its first steps online, among thousands of other digital and mobile services.

Now, on the cusp of the latest phase of the digital revolution, as our urban and home environments are truly shaken up by a new wave of embedded systems, intelligences and technologies – we ask how is the conception of citizenship changing in this digital age? What is currently meant by digital citizenship? Are we merely digital consumers now, or something more? What sort of citizenship should we argue for?

Are we going to build a nation of digital consumers, plugging in and sitting out, or are we going to foster a new realm of digital creators; building the tools, the Wikipedia's, the new digital enterprises, participating in, educating for and coding our common digital future.

When you book your free ticket, you will receive an e-ticket. Please bring it along for Parliamentary security. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Join us afterwards for drinks at St Stephen's Tavern.

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- Tom Watson: Labour Party MP for West Bromwich East, famous for investigating the NOW phone hack and responsible for creating the role Director of Digital Engagement within the Cabinet Office.

- Carl Miller: co-author of Demos report #Intelligence, the first framework for the ethical and effective collection of social media intelligence for public security. 

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