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A Tibet-related cultural delegation from China is visiting the UK and we have the pleasure of inviting our students, staff and members of public to listen to the delegates and participate in discussions around different issues related to Tibet. The issues covered will include history, development, environment, literature, religion and society.

This event is part of our endeavour in the Centre for the Study of Democracy to engage with the subject from multiple perspectives.

Chair: Professor Dibyesh Anand, Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster.

The delegation

Dr Zhang Yun is head of the delegation, with a PhD in history. He is the Director and a Research Fellow of the Institute for History Studies, China Tibetology Research Center. He mainly studies ancient Tibetan history, especially the history of Tang and Yuan Dynasties. He also conducts research on contemporary issues of Tibet.

He has published many academic works, including Culture of Silk Road — Tibet Volume, Qinghai-Tibet Culture, A Study on Tubo History and Northwest Minorities History during the Tang Dynasty, Ancient Tibetan and Persian Civilization. He is the executive chief editor of several volumes of the General History of Tibet, and co-edits the volumes of Early History, Tubo, Yuan Dynasty and Contemporary Times.

Jiangyangkezhu (Xiabei Jiangyankezhu as his dharma name) is currently the Vice President of the Garzê Buddhist Association and Vice Chairman of Litang County People’s Congress. Ethnically Tibetan, he is also a Trulku (living Buddha) and Abbot of Matong Temple, Xiaba District, Litang County.

Dr Xu Baiqing is an Assistant Director, Research Fellow and PhD tutor of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, China Academy of Sciences. Xu is also an Executive Board Member and Deputy Secretary General of the China Society on Tibetan Plateau. Xu has long been studying environmental and climate change of the Tibetan Plateau. He devises observation instruments to conduct deep and thorough research on ice and climate/environmental change of the Tibetan Plateau. He has published over 120 SCI papers and has been granted six patents. His research results are used by Nature and Science Daily. Mr Xu has often made presentations at many international seminars.

Gerongzhuimei is Executive Vice President of the Federation of Literature and Art Circles, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He is ethnically a Tibetan and has expertise in the Tibetan region in Sichuan Province.

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