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The Centre for the Study of Democracy is delighted to celebrate the work of the highly influential political theorist James Tully for this year’s CSD Encounter. Tully is Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Law, Indigenous Governance and Philosophy at the University of Victoria and is celebrated for his work on struggles over recognition and dialogical constitutionalism and more recently civic freedom.

The highlight of the day will be a public lecture at 5pm by Tully: 'On Civic Freedom Today'.

The lecture will be preceded by two roundtables on different aspects of his work:


Hans Lindahl, ‘Audi alteram partem and the non-reciprocal origins of reciprocity’
Paulina Tambakaki, ‘Tully’s Version of Agonism’
Mathias Thaler, ‘Discursus Interruptus: Revisiting James Tully’s Democratic Conception of Public Philosophy’

2pm to 4pm

David Owen, ‘Civic and civil migration: Tully, citizenship and movement’
Manon Westphal, 'Contestation and Deliberation. Political Participation under Conditions of Pluralism'.
Mark Wenman, ‘The agonic freedom of citizens: Foucault and Arendt contra Wittgenstein’

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