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China Media Centre 2018 Autumn Seminar


Across the globe, many countries are experiencing rapidly growing need for public provision of long-term care services. Compared to developed countries such as Germany and the U.S., this challenge is particularly acute in China where the demographic shifts are occurring at a faster rate and the capacity for family to provide long-term care (LTC) is declining much more rapidly. Incorporating market mechanism into public provision of longterm care (LTC) is part of a global trend featuring the liberalization of policies and politics during the past four decades. From a political-economic perspective, this presentation examines how the market mechanism has been used in the delivery of public long-term care service in Germany, the U.S. and China. It also examines the lessons that China has learned and can further learn from the German and American experiences, as it charts its path forward to develop a full-fledged “Elder Care System with Chinese Characteristics.”

About the speaker 

Dr. Luo Baozhen is an associate professor in Sociology at Western Washington University and an affiliate researcher of the Claude Pepper Center at Florida State University. Luo’s research examines China and its people’s presence on the global stage, politically, economically, and culturally. Population aging is a central focus of her current research agenda. In addition to producing scholarly works, she also hosts a column called “Four Dimension Channel” (四维频道) discussing a wide range of topics related to elder care policies, cultures, and practices at (澎湃新闻) based in Shanghai. She has also written for Foreign Affairs and served as a regular commentator for China’s Global Television Network.

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This is one of the Global China Media Seminar Series (GCMSS), co-organised with Global China Institute.

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