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WIAS Seminar with International Research Fellows Paško Bilić and Ergin Bulut

How are major search algorithms produced? How is their global relevance sustained and promoted? What is the role of creativity in digital games production? How do creative producers cope with contradictions in their precarious workplaces?

Focusing on search engines and the digital games industry, the speakers will explore various angles of critical theory. Concepts such as technological rationality, alienation, bio-political production and exploitation will be evoked to understand the specifics of labour processes in digital contexts.

About the speakers

Paško Bilić is Research Associate at the Department for Culture and Communication, Institute for Development and International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia. In his research, Paško is currently focusing on algorithms, their role in sustaining and shaping capitalist social relations, and global digital economy. He is currently co-editing a book for Palgrave Macmillan entitled “Technologies of Labour and the Politics of Contradiction”.

Ergin Bulut is Assistant Professor at the Department of Media and Visual Arts at Koc University, Istanbul. His research interests cover political economy of media and media labour, critical/cultural studies, game studies, and philosophy of technology. He is based at WIAS in June and July 2017. His is currently working on an ethnography of labour practices in the game industry, which will be published by MIT Press in 2018.

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