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How might curatorial practice be considered a mode of research? How does creative practice become curatorial practice? In recent years, the ‘research turn’ in art making and curating has produced new ways of thinking about how research discourse might be brought off the page and into the public realm through exhibition and public engagement.

Three CREAM researchers, David Campany, Nicola Triscott and Michael Maziere, will discuss how their research in photography, moving image, art and science have been realised as major exhibition projects. All three make the case for how individual research interests can take on a dynamic public dimension through the exhibition context, and share their experience of working with different exhibitions, events and institutional contexts and audiences: from collaborating with a public arts space like the Whitechapel gallery, for David’s current acclaimed exhibition ‘A Handful of Dust’, to Nicola’s long standing experience as a director of Arts Catalyst, and the ambitious exhibition, ‘Casebooks’, which Michael recently produced at Ambika P3.

All welcome!