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The Security and International Relations Programme will host a one day conference on “The Responsibility to Protect and the Crises in Libya and Syria”. This conference is the first in a two-year series funded by ESRC and the BISA Working Group on Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect.

The UN Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect will give a plenary address followed by two round tables.

Please contact Dr Aidan Hehir ([email protected]) for more details or to reserve a place. Staff and students at the University of Westminster can just turn up on the day.

11:00am: Tea/Coffee

11:20am: Welcome Address

11:30am: Plenary Address and Q&A: Professor Jennifer Welsh, UN Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Panel 1: "Assessing R2P's Efficacy during the Crises in Libya and Syria"

  • Chair: Professor Nicholas Wheeler (University of Birmingham)
  • Professor Chris Brown (London School of Economics)
  • Dr Philip Cunliffe (University of Kent)
  • Dr Aidan Hehir (University of Westminster)
  • Mr Justin Morris (University of Hull)

3:30pm: Tea/coffee

4pm: Panel 2: "R2P after the Arab Spring"

  • Chair Professor Jason Ralph (Leeds)
  • Dr Adrian Gallagher (University of Leeds)
  • Professor Mary Kaldor (London School of Economics)
  • Dr James Kearney (United Nations Association of the UK)
  • Dr James Pattison (University of Manchester)