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Is the media right to be shocked by social credit?

China’s social credit system has provoked a great deal of horror in the international media. There have been numerous reports complaining that by keeping close track on its citizens using big data, China is using a ‘Big Brother’ form of coercion and control. Many foreign journalists have suggested it is a dystopian human rights violation. Is this is a fair assessments of the social credit system? What does the Chinese government see as its goals and is there much resistance among ordinary citizens? In this presentation, the Editor of Asian Affairs Duncan Bartlett will provide an overview of social credit and examine how it has been perceived in the Chinese and foreign media.

Mr. Duncan Bartlett

Duncan Bartlett is the Editor of the monthly political magazine, Asian Affairs. He also writes regularly for Japanese newspapers including the Nikkei and the Sankei and has recently contributed to Week In China and China Radio International. Mr Bartlett presented World Business Report on the BBC World Service for 15 years and is a former East Asian Correspondent. He now broadcasts on Monocle Radio.

In addition to journalism, Mr Bartlett is the founder of Deliver Your Message, which specialises in enabling top level communication for international clients. He holds a NCFE Award in Education and Training from City of Westminster College, UK and a Business Communication qualification from the Dale Carnegie Institute, USA and a certificate in Japanese language proficiency from the University of Westminster.

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