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The Youth Justice Network at the University of Westminster is pleased to host the first launch of Dr. Faith Gordon's monograph - 'Children, Young People and the Press in a Transitioning Society: Representations, Reactions and Criminalisation'. There will be keynote speakers and a panel discussion, the formal book launch, followed by refreshments and networking opportunities.

The Panel includes:

Professor Lisa Webley, Law School, University of Birmingham – Chair of Panel Session

Panel Participants:

Ebinehita Iyere, Peer Power UK

Shauneen Lambe, Just for Kids Law

Penelope Gibbs, Transform Justice & Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice

Jack Rowlands, Inspector Brixton Police Custody & Trustee of Wave Trust

May Bulman, Social Affairs Correspondent The Independent

Dr. Faith Gordon, Director of the Youth Justice Network & Trustee at Headliners UK

About the book: 

The book assesses the implications of how children and young people are represented in print media in Northern Ireland – a post-conflict transitioning society. Gordon analyses how children and young people’s perceived involvement in anti-social and criminal behaviour is constructed and amplified in media, as well as in popular and political discourses. This original study specifically addresses the labelling perspective and confirms that young people are convenient scapegoats – where their negative reputation diverts attention from the structural and institutional issues that are inevitable in a post-conflict society. Alongside content analysis from six months of print media and a case study on the representation of youth involvement in ‘sectarian’ rioting, this book also analyses interviews with editors, journalists, politicians, policy makers and a spokesperson for the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Noting the importance of prioritising the experiences of children, young people and their advocates, this timely and engaging research will be of specific interest to scholars and students of criminal justice, criminology, socio-legal studies, sociology, social policy, media studies, politics and law, as well as media professionals and policy makers.

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