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This is an exclusive one-day student conference, being hosted as a collaboration between the Association of Business Psychology (ABP) and University of Westminster. The event aims to bring together business psychology students, alumni, early-career researchers & professionals, with potential graduate recruiters interested in applying psychology in the workplace. 

The conference will run a series of workshops, corporate exhibits, keynotes, speaker sessions and live-streamed discussion panel. Ultimately, offering all delegates an invaluable opportunity to gain new skills sets, industry insights and face-to-face networking between a talent pool of high calibre grads and practitioners.

More details are available on the ABP website or you can contact the ABP directly with "STUDENT CONFERENCE 2018" in the subject heading.

Steward tickets are by application only. If you wish to join the conference as a Steward, please contact Kathryn Waddington for more details and to confirm your place before purchasing a Steward ticket.