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Nudging Change: How you can achieve change by using the principles of behavioural economics

Date: 10  February 2012, 8.30–11am
Venue: Westminster Business School, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
Cost: £60


Behavioural economics is a new and exciting way of thinking about achieving change. It has been taken up in a big way by government departments and organisations worldwide. Instead of using regulation or rules (the ‘stick’) to ensure compliance, people are persuaded ‘nudged’ to change their behaviour through the provision of information and incentives.

In this introductory workshop we will examine how change can be achieved ‘silently’ through the creation of  a ‘choice architecture’ – organising the context in which people make decisions. This includes providing selected information, creating reasons to change and designing the workplace and the work environment so that desired behaviour is more likely.

Each participant will receive a copy of the book ‘Nudge’ at the start of the workshop and a case pack of articles expanding on some of the issues.

So, when you get back to the office... you will have identified areas of your business where you can use information or other incentives to change behaviours, whether this relates to your staff or your customers.
Alison RieplePresented by Alison Rieple

Dr Alison Rieple is Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Westminster and head of the IDEaS (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Strategy) Research Group. She has an MBA and a PhD in the micro politics of organisational change from Cranfield School of Management. In addition to teaching strategic management and the management of creativity and innovation at Westminster, for many years she has run very successful workshops on the management of innovation and change across the USA as well as in the UK. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences worldwide.

Her research focuses on the management of design and innovation, as well as strategic management in general. She is the co-author of two books on strategic management as well as numerous articles on the management of change, design, and innovation.

The Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Research Group at the University of Westminster

This new series of short courses focuses on some of the most important strategic issues facing small and medium-sized firms. The IDEaS Research Group studies the things that are vital to strategic success – including innovation and entrepreuneurship, the management of change and corporate governance, the topics that we cover in the first of this new series of short breakfast ‘taster’ courses.

We are passionate about the things we will be covering in these Business Breakfasts – we believe that understanding the principles of innovation, change management and innovation will make you and your organisation grow and become more successful. Competitive advantage comes from doing things that your competitors don’t do, or doing the same things better. These courses are the first step in gaining the knowledge that will allow you to build a successfully competitive organisation. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion with you.

Professor Alison Rieple, B MUs, DipM, MBA, PhD

Professor of Strategic Management, and Director of the IDEaS Research Group at Westminster University.