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Managing Innovation in SMEs

Date: 27 January 2012, 8.30–11am
Venue: Westminster Business School, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
Cost: £60


This presentation will explain the nature of innovation in the context of today's SMEs and suggest how the development and management of innovation may become an essential means for an SME's growth and development.  The presentation will consist of two parts, first, an overview of current scholarly and industry thinking on the principles, strategies, and practices of innovation management, and second, a discussion of a number of strategic practices that are used in today’s innovative organizations.  The emphasis throughout the presentation will be on how innovation may be developed in SMEs across a range of industries and how it may then be managed to support and sustain growth.  One strategic practice that has become popular is Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), an integrated, information-driven approach to all aspects of a product’s life from the design of the product through its manufacture, deployment and maintenance, and culminating in its removal from service and final disposal.  The recent experience of PLM in US and European organisations will be presented and discussed in terms of its impact on innovative behaviour and innovative outcomes in SMEs.  Other important contemporary practices will also be discussed in terms of how they may be used in managing innovation and their outcomes, namely, ambidextrous structuring, interactionist creativity, and intrapreneurship.

Ng_Wilson_webPresented by Wilson Ng, PhD Management Studies (Cambridge, UK), MBA (London), CDipAF (ACCA, UK), MA Mathematics (Cambridge)

Wilson is a published researcher in the financial growth and strategic development of SMEs.  His current research is on managing innovation in technology SMEs in the EU.  He is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Westminster Business School, London where he launched and is leading the MBA module on dissertations and research methods and the MBA elective on innovation and entrepreneurship.  Wilson also teaches on the MBA module on strategic management and supervises two PhD students, one as Director of Studies.  He was a Research Councils UK Fellow in Corporate Governance at Leeds University for a number of years prior to joining Westminster in 2010.

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