The May Central London BUIRA seminar is focussed on European integration and the direction of employment and industrial relations. The seminar is an opportunity to air and discuss issues in an open forum and to consider their implications for industrial relations.

The seminar will feature Dr Torsten Müller on strategies to counter crisis-related attacks on trade union rights, and Dr Aristea Koukiadaki on continuity and change in joint regulation in Europe, structural reforms and collective bargaining in manufacturing.

The presentations will be followed by a buffet lunch.


Torsten Müller, senior researcher in the European Trade Union Institute, will provide an overview of strategies by trade union organisations at European and national levels to counter attacks on trade union rights. In his presentation, Torsten will show that attacks on trade union rights are not limited to those countries directly affected by European-level interventions in the context of the misguided EU crisis management. Governments in a range of European countries also use the crisis as a pretext for attacks on union rights.

Aristea Koukiadaki is a senior lecturer in employment law at the School of Law at Manchester University. She will discuss the findings from a recently completed research project on the impact of the austerity measures on national systems of collective bargaining in the EU Member States most affected by the current European economical crisis.


Book your place by emailing Professor Linda Clarke at [email protected]