‘This thing is kind of nerdy but in a really positive and fun way.’ - Broad Vision student researcher


GV art are pleased to host the launch event for Inspired by... Images from Science, the second publication from the Broad Vision art/science research and learning programme at the University of Westminster.

Part exhibition catalogue and part educational treatise, Inspired by... Images from Science takes an in-depth look at the interdisciplinary learning and collaborative research between students and staff from diverse fields across the arts and sciences. This richly illustrated volume showcases the work produced and reflects on the project from the positions of participants and observers, offering readers an insight to the processes involved in this innovative art/science learning programme where students become teachers, researchers and producers as they engage in questions relating to biology and psychology, technology and creativity.

The 140 page full colour book is complimented by essays and texts discussing the contemporary culture of art/science and the current growth of interdisciplinary curricula within higher education. Inspired by... Images from Science will be a welcome addition to the libraries of artists, scientists, educators and other interdisciplinarians.

To celebrate the launch of the new publication, the Broad Vision team invites you join them for informal discussions and activities. Come along to claim your discounted copy of the book, enjoy an exhibition of selected works, and contribute to the growing discussion about interdisciplinary learning and research. You can also sample some hands-on activities led by Broad Vision student researchers.

Inspired by... Images from Science is co-authored by Broad Vision student and staff researchers, with a foreword from Robert Devcic, and edited by Heather Barnett, Broad Vision project lead.

RSVP: [email protected]