The deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to 16 October 2015.

BISA Working Group on International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East & Asia

Call for Papers

This day-long workshop is aimed at exploring how identity is shaped in relation to place and displacement in global politics. In particular, we invite critical perspectives that interrogate two prevailing notions on identities relation with place. The first is the conventional understanding of identity as territorially anchored on bounded notions of culture and nation. The second is the presumption that globalisation has somehow deterritorialised identity when in reality association to place is still a major criteria for rights and membership. With these contentions in mind, we call for critical, exploratory and inter-disciplinary perspectives on the nature and complexities of the relationship between borders, bodies and (un)belonging. The theme of this workshop is inspired by the ongoing refugee crisis at Europe’s unrelenting national borders. While papers drawing on experiences from Middle East and North Africa would indeed be timely, we would also like to extend the regional focus to take advantage of the range of expertise of the ISMMEA members and BISA working group research community. We invite abstracts of 100-150 words by 16 October 2015 on any of the themes listed here:

  • The role of Nostalgia and Memory in regaining Displaced Identities?
  • How displacement and movement transforms both identity and place?
  • How legality and citizenship underpin nationalist imaginaries of displaced people?
  • Diaspora Politics: Connecting the global with the local?
  • Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Internally Displaced People: How bodies get inscribed by legal, national and political boundaries?
  • Postcolonial critiques of identity and subjectivity in relation to place and displacement

We would like to encourage research ideas that are at early formative stages, and hence presentations will be in the form of short 5 minute summaries followed by discussion with the participants. The research theme is part of a wider project on beyond a bifurcated view of the World Order. Selected papers, would be considered for publication in an edited volume by Dr Ayla Gol and Dr Ipshita Basu with Routledge. Participation at the workshop is free and we have funding available for a limited number of bursaries for domestic travel in the UK.

Please send your abstract by 16 October 2015 to Mr Caglar Ezikoglu, and indicate if you wish to be considered for a travel bursary.