Book: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun, Harper Collins, 2006

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About the Book Group

The group is organised by the Centre, but everyone is welcome to participate.

The books have been chosen to challenge and inspire us creatively, politically and intellectually  as we struggle as educators and researchers with the issues of race, gender and sexuality within our institution and beyond. We have chosen books that are quite different in their content, style and intended audience but address common themes.

The hope is that by reading and discussing these varying texts we'll create a space to deepen our understanding and find the language and tools to undertake the task of decolonising the curriculum and ourselves as well as progressing our anti-racism agenda.

We'll be organising the meeting broadly in accordance with the BARC principles.

The event is free, and all staff and graduate students are welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Harriet Samuels at [email protected] or Julia Chryssostalis at [email protected].

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The event will be held on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 975 8308 5444
Passcode: 361632

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